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The first time I got a bigger penis email in my inbox, I asked myself “who’s been peeking?” Not long after that the TV airwaves were filled with male enhancement products that promised to make everyone from your wife to the neighborhood bridge club giggle with excitement. 

The truth is that every man wonders if a big dong would make his sexual partner happier and if the claims in all those male enhancement ads really work. 

It’s partially a misguided sense of low self esteem left over from junior high when guys who got pubic hair and big dongs faster than the rest of us made fun of our pubescent bodies that looked more like a skinny Thanksgiving turkey than a Roman God. The resulting jokes caused some of us to hide in the PE locker room, waiting or completely ignoring the need to take a shower after a tough game of basketball. And it left us forever wondering whether we would ever be the next “John Holmes” without Devine intervention.

It was an early reminder that no matter what your gender, sexual orientation or religious affiliation – size matters. Most straight guys like big boobs and most women (and some men) like big dongs.

A few years ago you could count me among the wishful men who wondered if a bigger penis would make my girlfriend happier and more satisfied. Stupid me, I asked. At first the answer was “no, you’re just fine the way you are.” But finally she confessed that she couldn’t help but wonder if an inch or two would make a BIG difference – and she put emphasis on the big.

Now I’m no doctor or porn star. I’m just a normal guy who was unhappy with the size of my penis and wanted to find the best way to make it larger. Notice I said WAS. Add me to the “my big dong” success stories. After numerous attempts I found just the right formula and over the past year and a half there has been a noticeable difference in the length and girth of my penis as well as my performance in bed. It has given me renewed confidence in myself and my ability to satisfy my sexual partner. 

This website is designed to give you information about penis enlargement and male enhancement and provide some direction on the best male enhancement pills, penis pumps, penile enlargement patches and other male enhancement tips and advice

Don’t think we’re just trying to get you to open your wallet and drop your pants. We honestly believe that you can find the answer to your questions about penis enlargement here. And whether you choose to use pills, patches, exercises or other means of male enhancement – we’re cheering you on. Cause there’s nothing better than being able to brag about “my big dong.”

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